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    It has been three episodes since we saw the beginning of the Season 7 of the most famous Game of Thrones, and the pace have had been gathered to move. Before telling you that how was can you watch Game of Thrones Season 7 and Can download it up, lets have a look at what we actually saw in the past episode of Game of Thrones which was named as the “Oathbreaker”.

    Jon Snow after coming back to his senses revealed the names of his assassinates, and after renouncing his promise gave the charge of Night’s Watch to Edd. While Sam on his way back to Oldtown states his intention of leaving his baby and Gilly at Horn Hill while he is training to become a maester, Varys learned that the Sons of the Harpy is being financed by the masters of Yunaki, Astapor and Volantis. A council meeting was interrupted by Cersei and Jamie, who then got shunned by Tyrells and Lord Kevan. On the other hand Arya gets her sight back when she accepts herself to be “no-one” while undergoing rigorous training under the Waif.

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    Since Sansa reunited with Jon Snow, she along with Podrick and Brienne reached Castle Black. And when Osha at Winterfell tried to assassinate Ramsay, kills herself in the process, the latter threatens Jon by sending a letter to harm Rickon, if Sansa is not given back. On the other hand, in Meereen Slaver Bay’s slave master meets Tyrion, where the latter offers them peace in turn of ending slavery within seven years which made Grey Worm and Missandei angry. Soldiers of Littlefinger were mobilized against Ramsay, while Jamie, Kevan, Cersei and Lady Olenna made a plan for stopping High Sparrow. Also Dosh Khaleen’s temple was set on fire by Daenerys.  

    Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 4 Watch Online

    Watch Game of Thrones Online and Game of Thrones S07E04 Download Full Episode: It wasn’t a simple task to watch Game of Thrones online till now, but HBO has made it with HBO Now. Yes, HBO Go and HBO Now are the two channels that will help you stream the brand new episodes of the show Game of Thrones. If you want to access HBO Go, then you must have a subscription to the channel HBO via any of these cable providers like Comcast, Direct TV, Charter etc. And so if you are a subscriber, you can watch the show in glory, but if you don’t prefer to be tied to any cable packages then, HBO Now is a better option for you guys. You can enjoy Game of Thrones from anywhere with HBO Now by subscribing without cable.

    Online GOT Watching and its Worldwide Air Timings


    Online video streaming platform of Star India called Hotstar is the most suitable means to watch this fantasy series online, as it is going to offer every episode of this brand new season just minutes after it has aired in the US. The series will be under paid package, so you will have to invest Rs. 199 to watch it. You can even sign up for a free trial for one month. Apart from Hotstar you can also watch it on Voot.com, another online video streaming app that allows you to enjoy this deadly show.

    To catch up with the show, tune in to Star World Premium HD, every Tuesday at 10 PM.


    For watching any episode that you have missed on its actual air time of 10 PM you can opt for the subscription of HBO Go or HBO Now online service, without even having an HBO cable package. With one month free trial you can continue your access to the videos by paying $14.99 per month.
    The sixth season of the series will air on HBO channel at 10 PM, every Sunday.

    United Kingdom

    To watch the show in UK, you will have to stay awake till 2AM and if you are not comfortable with it, then NowTV an online streaming service is the best option for you, after a 14 day free trial, pay GBP 7.99 and enjoy online live streaming by having an access to previous episodes as well.

    If you do not want to miss the episodes then stay up late at 2 AM GMT while you can also watch the repeat telecast at 9 PM, every Monday on Sky Atlantic channel.


    Just like the HBO Go in US, the TMN Go app works in Canada, and you can stream videos online for free if your cable package include The Movie Network. You can also catch up with the episodes that you have missed.

    The HBO Canada channel will bring the brand new episodes of this popular show at 9 PM EDT.


    A subscription of Foxtel added with the Premium Movies and Drama Package is all that you need if you wish to watch the new season of Game of Thrones from Australia. You can get the package at AUD 30 per month with a free trial for two weeks.
    Catch up with the episodes at 10 PM on Foxtel, which is the actual time of airing as that in US.

    New Zealand
    All the natives of New Zealand who are following the show Game of Thrones from the first season can enjoy the sixth season by having Sky Television SoHo Channel’s subscription, where they can also relive the previous episodes.  

    Opt for any of the above legitimate way to watch Game of Thrones and enjoy your weekends.
    Watch Game of Thrones Season 7 on HBO, every Sunday at 9 PM. The dead are coming!

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